Accreditation is a process aiming at the continuous improvement of the quality of the educational offerings at SBVC.  The Online Program Committee takes this process seriously.  And to document the accreditation process dealing with Distance Education,  the Online Program Committee created an interactive website, or wiki, addressing the accrediting standards.  This wiki is password protected, so only committee members and SBVC faculty and staff have access.  However, periodically the content of the wiki is harvested and included in the SBVC website.  So these pages are dynamic and fluid until the Accreditation visit at the end of September, 2014.

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The goals of this process are transparency and completeness.  The Online Program Committee wants the results of its processes to be open to the public at large.  And the Committee wants to address, completely, all the accrediting concerns of the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC).

Standard I:  Institutional Mission and Effectiveness

Standard I.A:  Institutional Mission

Standard I.B:  Institutional Effectiveness

Standard II:  Student Learning Programs and Services

Standard II.A:  Instructional Programs

Standard II.B:  Student Support Services

Standard II.C:  Library Support Services

Standard III:  Resources

Standard III.A:  Human Resources

Standard III.B:  Physical Resources

Standard III.C:  Technology Resources

Standard III.D:  Financial Resources

Standard IV:  Leadership and Governance

Standard IV.A:  Decision-making Roles and Processes

Standard IV.B:  Board and Administrative Organization


Institution-set Standards for Distance Education:  Retention and Success