Every course at SBVC has a formal evaluation process that is a part of the contracted negotiated through collective bargaining.

However, informal evaluation happens every day in every course as instructors monitor their classes.  And instructors share those ideas "that work" with their colleagues.  This self-evaluation and learning from peers is a part of online instruction as well. 

Although there are many tools and rubrics for self and peer evaluation, there is are two resources faculty can reference for guidelines. 

One is the CVC-OEI Course Design Rubric.  This rubric provides guideance on course design and structure to support student success, equity and access.  The rubric has been supported by SBVC Academic Senate and is a guiding resource for training related to distance education. You can access the Course Design Rubric here

Another resource is the Peralta Online Equity Rubric.  This tool is intended to guide faculty in assessing equity within thier online courses and guide in making changes to provide a more equitable course for all students.  This rubric spotlights technology, student resources and support, Universal Design for Learning and Diversity and Inclusion.  The rubric can be a helpful tool for facutly seeking to create a more equitable course.

Please use the Course Design Rubric to help assess yourself in your online teaching and consider the use of the Peralta Online Equity Rubric to assess equity within your course.  If you want to work with other online instructors to learn from each other, please contact either Davena Burns-Peters and Margaret Worsley, the Co-Chairs of the Distance Education Committee. (dburns@valleycollege.edu or mworsley@valleycollege.edu)