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Online Faculty Training
SBVC Distance Education has created training classes for instructors wanting to begin preparation for online teaching. These classes are housed in Canvas and can be accessed from any computer conntected to the internet. Level 1 training is encourged by all online instructors to take, as it covers national and state standards.

If you are interested in enrolling in a class, please click on one of the links below:                            DE Logo

Fall Training

Level 0

Level 0 training is intended for the new user of Canvas or anyone who needs more remedial training on the functions of Canvas and how to navigate the LMI (Learning Management System).  The objectives of Level 0 include how to create a home page, content pages, discussions and the communication tools within Canvas.  SBVC does not currently facilitate this course, but the CVC-OEI and @One training offers a self-paced course for those who need to learn these skills.  There is no cost for the self-paced course and enrollment is open. Follow the link below to locate and register for the course.

Introduction to Online Teaching:Self-Paced

Level 1

Level 1 training is a facilitated course with weekly assignments to be submitted as evidence of competency in various areas.  The topics covered in Level 1 include Title 5 language related to Distance Education, accessibility responsibilities, student support and equity, student-to-student interactions and instructor-to-student interactions.  Level 1 does not teach you how to use the functions of Canvas. Participants should have a basic knowledge of Canvas functions i.e. how to upload documents, how to navigate modules, etc. prior to taking Level 1.  Without such foundational knowledge, the amount of time required to complete the work in the course will increase significantly.

Level 1 (4-weeks): July 27 - August 23 (course is closed)

Level 1 (10-weeks): August 31 - November 8 (course is closed)

Level 1 (4-weeks): August 31 - September 27 (course is closed)

Level 1 (10-weeks): November 9 - January 17 (course is closed)

Level 1 (10-weeks): January 19 - March 28

Level 1 (10-weeks): March 15 - May 23

Level 2 

Level 2 training is a facilitated course with weekly assignments to be submitted as evidence of competency in the area of accessibility.  The topics in Level 2 include the overall need for making Canvas courses accessible, how the design approach of Universal Design helps everyone in your course, how to make Content Pages and instructional documents accessible within Canvas and more. The enrollment for Level 2 is more limited due to the nature of the work to be completed and assessed.

Pre-Requisite: You must have successfully completed Level 1 (or have obtained a Level 1 equivalency) in order to take Level 2

Level 2 (4-weeks): July 6 - August 2 (course closed)

Level 2 (4-weeks): August 24 - September 20 (course closed)

Level 2 (4-weeks): October 5 - November 1

Level 2 Bootcamp: February 22 - 26

Level 2 Bootcamp: April 5 - 9

Questions related to Online Teaching training may be directed to the DE Faculty Co-Leads, Davena Burns-Peters and Margaret Worsley at

If you are interested in other professional development activities regarding online teaching, please contact Rania Hamdy, Professional Development Coordinator at SBVC.  (


Online teaching requires a different “skill set” than on-ground teaching.  These skills and/or aptitudes can be acquired in a variety of ways. SBVC provides Online Teaching Training on four levels.  Level 0 is targeted to first time Canvas users or those who need to learn the basic functions of Canvas.  Level 0 is not required as a prerequisite for Level 1.  Level 1 is the encouraged training to be completed by all faculty who want to teach in the online environment.  Levels 2 and 3 are more advanced trainings that are not required to be completed, but are encouraged as they lead to courses being badged for quality.

 San Bernardino Valley - Crafton Hills Reciprocity Statement

                 San Bernardino Valley College logo                  Crafton Hills College logo

San Bernardino Valley College Distance Education maintains reciprocity for Level 1 online training with its sister school, Crafton Hills College. Online Faculty who have completed first level requirements at Crafton Hills within the last three years may bypass DE Level 1 training at San Bernardino Valley College.

Equivalency of Training

All faculty are encouraged to complete Level 1 training for teaching in the online environment. Years of experience teaching in the online environment does not waive this suggestion for faculty. Many of the surrounding community colleges have implemented training which may be similar in content to what SBVC is requiring.

If you have taken online instructional training through another institution, or through @One, you may qualify for equivalency. Level 1 training at SBVC is based on @One's Introduction to Online Teaching & Learning (IOTL) course. If you have taken this specific training somewhere else within the past three years, the SBVC DE Team will happily review your certificate and badge for local training exemption. To do this, please send an email to with your certificate and badge (or some other proof of participation) attached.

As of Spring 2020, minimum level training at Riverside City College and Chaffey College is not equivalent to San Bernardino Valley College's Level 1 training.

As of Spring 2020, Mt. San Antonio College's SPOT certification training, Santa Ana College's Gold Level Training and Mount San Jacinto College's SQOT course is equivalent to San Bernardino Valley College's Level 1 training.


Equivalency FAQ:

"I took Introduction to Canvas" through @One. Does this course count towards equivalency for Level 1?"
No, @One's Introduction to Canvas course does not cover breadth and depth of SBVC's Level 1 training, including recent Title 5 changes and updated ACCJC accreditation requirements and standards.

 "I took Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning" through @One. Does this course count towards equivalency for Level 1?" 

Yes, if you have completed the Online Teaching and Learning through @One within the past three years, you will qualify for an eqivalency for Level 1.

For other online teaching resources, please see our Faculty Resources page.