SBVC's Academic Senate has adopted a "Faculty Ethics Statement" on April 27, 2005.

The Online Program Committee has stipulated that there is no distinction of delivery mode in that code of ethics.  That is, the Faculty Ethics Statement applies to all faculty, including faculty who teach online and hybrid classes.

The sections of that Faculty Ethics Statement are:

1.  Responsibility to Discipline

2.  Responsibility to Students

3.  Responsibility to Colleagues

4.  Responsibility to Academic Institution

5.  Responsibility to Community

The statement concludes with this: "We commit to abide by these ethical principles in the spirit of collegiality, professionalism, and responsibility.  By adhering to these principles we aspire to meet our goals as an instition for educational excellence. "

 Just as the policies on academic honesty apply equally to all students, regardless of whether their class is on campus or online, so too the ethical principles in the Faculty Ethics Statement apply to all faculty, regardless of whether they teach online or on campus.