“Black Woman Evolved” hosted women throughout the San Bernardino Community College District for an empowering message of healing on April 17 in the Gresham Art Gallery. The event exemplified the transformative power of nurturing one's inner voice and relying on community to foster growth and support. Students, faculty, and staff came together to embrace their multifaceted identities, reclaim their narratives, and chart a course toward self-actualization.

The event's guest speaker was Dr. Salina Gray, who has conducted research focused on the intersection of racial and science identities with an emphasis on critical race theory. Dr. Gray led the event workshop, which emphasized the importance of self-care and maintaining a strong connection to one's cultural heritage. Through engaging activities and thoughtful discussions, participants discovered the significance of honoring their roots while navigating the complexities of modern life. The atmosphere was filled with positivity and encouragement as individuals shared stories of resilience and growth, inspiring one another to continue their journey towards personal fulfillment and empowerment. By coming together in solidarity, the attendees left the event feeling uplifted, connected, and ready to embrace the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

Salina Gray

Dr. Salina Gray, speaker at the "Black Woman Evolved" workshop.