Group photo
From left to right: VP of Administrative Services Keith Bacon, guest speaker Dr. Daniel E. Walker, Interim President Dr. Linda Fontanilla and EOP&S Counselor Keenan Giles.

San Bernardino Valley College and the Black Faculty Staff Association (BFSA), organized a series of events to commemorate Black History Month. The month-long celebration kicked off on February 1 with a keynote address by the esteemed guest speaker, Dr. Daniel E. Walker.

Dr. Walker, a renowned public historian and philanthropist, captivated the audience with his insights and experiences, setting a profound tone for the month's festivities. His talk not only delved into historical milestones but also emphasized the importance of continuing the dialogue surrounding black history throughout the year. He shared experiences from his personal life and childhood to connect with the audience.

Throughout the month students and staff were encouraged to participate in BFSA/Umoja- Tumaini B-Ball Takeovers. This event fostered a sense of community, encouraging discussions with a movie and lunch after the main event.

Another noteworthy event was planned by the STEM-MESA Center and was appropriately called "Celebrating Blacks in STEM." It shed light on the achievements and contributions of black individuals in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The event aimed to inspire students and underscore the importance of diversity in these critical fields.

Closing out the month was the vibrant and energetic Afro Beats Night. This cultural celebration featured music, dance, and art, providing a platform for the community to revel in the richness of African and African-American culture. Attendees were immersed in a festive atmosphere, further reinforcing the idea that diversity is a source of strength and beauty.

These events, organized with meticulous planning by San Bernardino Valley College and the Black Faculty Staff Association, not only celebrated the history and achievements of the black community but also served as a reminder of the ongoing journey towards inclusivity and equality. EOPS Counselor Keenan Giles said it was important for the events to represent "Unity in the Community." As Black History Month came to a close at SBVC, the significance behind the events left a lasting influence within the campus community.