On March 8, SBVC kicked off a professional developmental series alongside the Puente Project, in a strategic partnership facilitated by the State Chancellor's Office. The goal behind the series is to provide comprehensive and culturally responsive professional development training for faculty in the fields of Mathematics, Business, & Computer Technology.

Unlike conventional one-off training programs, the Puente Project introduces a community-of-practice model that fosters a long-term commitment to shifting mindsets and practices within a supportive community of peers. This innovative approach introduced faculty members to an ongoing process of self-improvement, ensuring a lasting impact on their teaching methods.

Faculty members were encouraged to question established norms such as their reliance upon four exams per semester, publisher-based content, and the "sage on the stage" style of lecture.

The initiative also underscored the importance of supporting an antiracism approach in the classroom, while recognizing how white supremacy culture can create barriers to student success. By actively addressing these issues, faculty members can contribute to a campuswide environment that promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion.

The Puente Project at San Bernardino Valley College represents a significant step towards redefining the educational landscape. Through this collaboration, the college is not just adapting to change but actively leading the way towards a more innovative and equitable future in education.