Alessia Ramos

SBVC student Alessia Ramos, 18, is a self-described “wildcracker.”

“I do the most crazy stuff like rock climbing, skydiving, etc.,” she says, “and I'm not scared of it.”

The Rialto-area native has a clear vision for her future, one full of excitement and intrigue. She plans to attend San Bernardino Valley College and then transfer to San Diego State University, to complete her degree in Criminal Justice. Eventually, she would like to earn her Master’s degree, and then pursue a degree with the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Despite her adventurous nature, the thing that really scared her was the prospect of having to work while in college. Thanks to the Valley-Bound Commitment (VBC) program, which covers the first year for area high school graduates entering college, Alessia can focus just on her studies. The program, now in its fifteenth year, is generously supported by the San Mañuel Band of Mission Indians and supports graduates from more than 20 local high schools.

Alessia says that students thinking about attending SBVC should definitely take the plunge. “SBVC has always been so welcoming and nice,” Alessia says. “There are counselors who help you through your journey and let you know about opportunities available to you.”