Soaring To Success

As the fall semester begins at San Bernardino Valley College, campus is abuzz with anticipation and excitement. Capping a Convocation Week full of faculty orientations and workshops, Opening Day held a special significance as Interim President Dr. Linda Fontanilla took the stage to unveil the theme for the academic year: "Taking Flight: Soaring with Partners for Student Success." This thematic focus underscored the college's unwavering commitment to fostering partnerships that elevate SBVC students' educational journeys and career trajectories.

Dr. Fontanilla alluded to one of her previous career paths prior to coming to higher education, when she worked as an air traffic controller, in making a connection between the high-stakes industry of air transportation and community college education. "The world of air traffic control taught me the importance of communication and collaboration," said Dr. Fontanilla. "Just as pilots and controllers worked together to navigate through adverse weather conditions, you will find that collaborating with your peers and colleagues will enrich your learning experience and broaden your professional perspective."

With "Taking Flight: Soaring with Partners for Student Success," SBVC has set a course for a transformative academic year. The theme resonates not only with the college's staff and faculty but also with its students, partners, and the community at large. Opening Day served as a reminder that education is not confined to classroom walls, but a collective effort that involves stakeholders from various domains.


Dina speaking
Dr. Fontanilla
Dr. Thayer speaking