A group photo of faculty that participated in the recital.

Center: Alex Lavruk

Left to right: Margaret Worsley on clarinet, Dr. Robert Berry on bass viola, and Alex Lavruk on accordion
Right: Dr. Choon Yoon

On September 16, San Bernardino Valley College hosted an unforgettable faculty recital that exhibited the exceptional abilities of its esteemed instructional team. The recital, which took place in the North Hall building, boasted an eclectic range of musical instruments and styles that left the audience spellbound.

The event began with a captivating performance by chamber chorale professor, Dr. Choon Yoon, followed by performances by Nick Gomez, Brigham Welch, Julie Edwards-Matanga, Margaret Worsley, Alex Lavruk, and Dr. Robert Berry. Most of these performers are currently teaching classes at SBVC, and with a few available classes still open for the fall semester, the recital offered potential students a glimpse into what they can expect from the courses. The diverse selection of instruments (including clarinet, piano, and accordion) and musical genres showcased in the recital served as a testament to the talent within the SBVC community.