Top to bottom: SBVC students Camryn Stevens, Kiara Gomez, and Tawon Green.

On September 28, San Bernardino Valley College and the San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health partnered to present the "The Sound of Recovery” in celebration of National Recovery Month, following up on the success of last year’s event.

This partnership innovatively highlights the vital connection between the arts and mental health, offering a platform for individuals to express their journeys of recovery through music and other artistic forms. The event not only promotes healing and resilience but also underscores the importance of community support in the journey towards mental wellness. Over the course of the event, the SBVC Auditorium filled with the melodies of original songs inspired by local individuals and their recovery stories. SBVC students had the opportunity to showcase their talents onstage, with students Camryn Stevens, Kiara Gomez, Derek Edouse, Cherish Jackson, and Tawon Green participating as part of the line-up of musicians and artists.

Observing National Recovery Month makes it clear that SBVC cares "deeply for our community," SBVC music professor Margaret Worsley said. "Recovery affects everyone. However, given the nature of our systems and cultural norms, we are not always open about the profound repercussions of drug and alcohol addiction. By participating in recovery awareness, SBVC is showing our students and the community that we see them and we support them in their journey to wellness.”