San Bernardino Valley College's Veterans Resource Center (VRC) recently held an empowering event for female students on March 28, spearheaded by student O'Nesha Valentine. The event provided a platform for female students to share their personal stories and experiences, and to encourage one another. Interim President Linda Fontanilla, herself a veteran of the US Air Force in the Vietnam Era, was in attendance and spoke of the importance of veteran women serving in the military.

Valentine, a psychology major who is set to graduate this year, shared her own story of perseverance, stating that despite facing obstacles and ups and downs in life, she never let those challenges deter her from achieving her goals. She expressed a desire to inspire and encourage other female students to do the same, emphasizing that with faith and hard work, anything is possible.

By providing a safe and inclusive space for female students to connect and share their stories, the event helped to foster a sense of empowerment and solidarity among attendees. Veterans Resource Coordinator Jason Alvarez recognized that statistically the military is male dominated, but expressed, “our campus is diverse! We do have female veterans and it's important that the VRC is a place that is welcome to all.”