An FTVM student filming race cars
FTVM students at the National Orange show
The National Orange Show Speedway


FTVM is offering two new courses for students during the Fall 2023semester. In Sports Broadcasting, students will write, produce, shoot, andedit broadcasts to air on television via San Bernardino Community CollegeDistrict’s public media program, KVCR. Students will interview localathletes, write and produce feature material for broadcast, and highlightthe contributions of minorities and women in sports. In addition, as aunique collaboration, the program has partnered with the National OrangeShow Speedway, providing students with the unique opportunity to shootshort and long-form video content of the races and interview racecardrivers for social media and TV broadcasts.


In News Broadcasting, students will learn the art of reporting, writing,and producing video stories for various formats, ranging from 30-secondsocial media pieces to four-minute BBC-style spots. Students will applyreporting techniques to the audio-visual medium, effectively telling news,feature, and investigative stories. Throughout the course, students willexplore ethical issues relevant to video journalism, master the art ofinterviewing for video, shoot sequences, and develop skills for writing inthe short news format. The combined efforts of the students will alsoculminate in a weekly news show to broadcast on KVCR.


Students can use career development services through the Institute ofMedia Arts, including portfolio development, resume writing, networkingskills, and local and regional internship opportunities. Graduates from thedepartment have recently secured admission at esteemed four-year filmand media institutions such as UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, CSUN, Cal StateLong Beach, and Cal State Los Angeles.