San Bernardino Valley College students in the Film, Television, and Media Department (FTVM) saw their work on the big  screen earlier this month, following the debut of their original show, “Rhythm Lounge.” The series, which features local music artists from the Inland Empire, is the work of Survey of TV  Studio and Film Production and TV Studio Production students.

The show aired for the first time on KVCR on January 8, 2023, and featured classic rock revival act  Raincross Drive. “This production was great for our students as it gave them a real-world TV  production experience that added to their portfolio,” Professor Kevin Lyons told The Rialto Record.  “At the same time, [this effort created] original content for KVCR, marketing the Film, Television  and Media department, and spotlighting local artists.” Students produced the series in just 58 lab  hours.

Lyons told The Rialto Record that students improved their critical thinking, project management and technical production and editing skills. “It’s all part of the game and reflective of a high-budget TV production,” Lyons said.

Rhythm Lounge airs every Sunday at 4 p.m. on KVCR, Channel 24. To learn more about SBVC’s Film, Television, and Media Department, visit