360 video


SBVC continues to find innovative methods to reach a wider audience on its social media platforms. The latest endeavor: 360-degree videos. The first video was published in November and provided a 360° view of the Lois Carson Campus Center Building Dedication Ceremony.

360-degree videos, also known as surround video, immersive videos, or spherical videos are video recordings where the view in every direction is recorded simultaneously, shot using an omnidirectional camera and microphone system.

The 360-degree video can be viewed like any other YouTube video on any device, while allowing the user to “look around” while watching, either
by moving the screen while holding for handheld devices, or clicking and dragging with a mouse on a desktop. It can also be viewed in a virtual reality headset, allowing the user to feel like they are present in the room where the video was recorded.

Check out SBVC’s full set of 360-degree videos on the college’s YouTube channel @SBValleyCollegeYT