A group shot with all incoming students and the SBVC Outreach team

Summer Bridge is one way for incoming Valley-Bound Commitment students to develop the skills necessary for a successful first year of college.

For two weeks in July, more than 200 Valley-Bound Commitment students came to SBVC for Summer Bridge and enrolled in the Orientation to College course, where they learned about the academic and vocation programs available and watched presentations from different departments. They also had the opportunity to meet staff members and explore the campus to become familiar with it before the first day of the fall semester.

"Students get to know their Valley-Bound Commitment peers and create new friendships while working together during the Summer Bridge program," Dr. Marina Serna Pulido, student services coordinator for the Valley-Bound Commitment Program, said. "They also create the types of connections and rapport with the Valley-Bound Commitment staff and counselors that reinforce their academic success as they begin their education at San Bernardino Valley College."

Summer Bridge has been offered for the last seven years and always makes a lasting impression on everyone who participates.

"The Summer Bridge program is an essential part of the Valley-Bound Commitment program's structure to create a foundation for academic success and personal growth for incoming students," Pulido said. "The Summer Bridge program is a time where these students can ease into this new educational chapter while also having the opportunity to create autonomy and establish their goals."

Blue with faculty from the Summer Bridge program