In order to ensure equality and inclusion for all students, SBVC’s Curriculum Committee is changing its curricular review process. Moving forward, the committee will review all curriculum through a culturally responsive/equity lens. This modification is in direct response to a recent SBVC Academic Senate resolution outlining the infusion of anti-racism/no hate education into the curriculum.  
The new review process applies to future and existing  
courses and programs. When working on curriculum, instructors will look at diversity and equity in textbooks and assignments and re-examine and revise course objectives and student learning to add culturally responsive content, where appropriate. Student socioeconomic status and differing learning and communication styles will also be considered.  
One way instructors will learn more about equity in the classroom is through professional development activities, which will include dialogue on techniques to incorporate anti-racism and no hate education within academic disciplines. Academic Senate President Dr. Amy Avelar said such activities will help educators “learn how systemic racism has occurred on our campus and what we can do to change it. We can even reflect on how we were taught and what was excluded.”