San Bernardino Valley College has partnered with the San Bernardino Municipal Water Department (SBMWD) to develop an internship program that will provide the training necessary to adequately prepare students who are pursuing a career in the water and wastewater fields. This training program was designed to develop the participant’s technical skills and knowledge through hands-on instruction while providing course credit. SBMWD is committed to investing in water and wastewater education to support the next generation of water professionals.

The demand for certified and trained professionals is increasing in the water and wastewater fields, and industry experts predict a significant portion of the experienced workforce will retire over the next decade. Without an influx of new workers entering the field, this trend could create a shortfall of trained professionals who are qualified to maintain the water and wastewater systems which serve the public. This is why water technology programs are so valuable to our community. SBMWD has collaborated with SBVC to develop a program that will provide necessary training to adequately prepare students who are pursuing a career in the water and wastewater industry. 

Established in 1905, the San Bernardino Municipal Water Department (SBMWD) was created as a municipal utility by the City of San Bernardino Charter and is governed by a five-member Water Board appointed by the Mayor and City Council. The SBMWD water service area is approximately 45 square miles, and SBMWD provides potable water and wastewater collection and treatment services to approximately 200,000 persons in the City of San Bernardino and surrounding unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County. In addition, SBMWD provides wastewater treatment services to the City of Loma Linda, East Valley Water District and the City of Colton. 

The SBMWD Student Training Program has been developed as an applied field training course to augment the Water Technology Program currently offered by San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC). Practical knowledge gained through coursework completed at SBVC is put to immediate use during the internship program. The experience received as a result of the internship program is invaluable as the candidates are able to confirm and apply the lessons received in the classroom. Candidates selected to participate in the program are afforded the opportunity to use this knowledge in a real-world setting where decisions and corresponding actions immediately impact the events which occur at the workplace. Candidates will rotate through training modules in SBMWD departments to gain a better understanding of each of the responsibilities necessary to operate and maintain them. 

Candidates selected to participate in the program will be provided the opportunity to work at a water and/or wastewater facility. Students currently enrolled in one of SBVC’s Water Supply Technology Certificate Programs and who have successfully completed the pre-requisite coursework are invited to submit an application to participate in this SBMWD Student Training Program. For more information, visit training.