Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. continues to inspire San Bernardino Valley College students and employees, who participated in the college’s inaugural ‘MLK Dream Rally’ on Jan. 14. Organized by SBVC’s Black Faculty & Staff Association (BFSA), the event celebrated Dr. King’s achievements during the Civil Rights Movement and tied his legacy in to the personal and academic dreams of current students.

“Dr. King is the embodiment of courage to stand up for what is right,” Vice President of Student Services, Dr. Scott Thayer, told the crowd. “Fifty-six years after Dr. King gave his “I Have a Dream” speech, his words continue to resound within our hearts and minds.” Several students read their own speeches, encouraging attendees to pursue their own dreams in life, no matter how challenging the path to those dreams might seem.

A new banner dedicated to Dr. King was unveiled during the event and the BFSA awarded two new scholarships in his honor to students, totaling $350. Attendees were invited to approach the giant megaphone near the Physical Sciences building to literally shout their dreams for the campus to hear and celebrate.

Shout your dreams, Wolverines!