SBVC is again a driving force behind the Inland Empire's 48 Hour Film Project. San Bernardino Valley College's Film, TV, and Media Program and Institute of Media Arts once again sponsored the 48 Hour Film Project in the Inland Empire, giving local filmmakers the chance to bring the movies they've been dreaming about to life.

During the 48 Hour Film Project, teams work together to make a film over the course of just two days, with the final products screened a week later. This is an international filmmaking event, and this year, about 20 teams competed in the Inland Empire project, including some SBVC students, alumni, and faculty members. 

"For film students it's a chance to create under tight deadlines and strict guidelines," Lucas Cuny, Institute of Media Arts director, said. "As working artists you don't always get to be Tarantino and you have to follow someone else's vision, so it's a great example of how to do that."

Participating in the 48 Hour Film Project is also "a great way to test a crew and see how well everyone works together and to test out new gear, new techniques, styles, and genres," Kevin Lyons, an adjunct professor of film at SBVC, said. "It’s like American Ninja Warrior but for filmmakers, to test their skills and limits under a strict timeframe."

The films were submitted on Nov. 8, and screened online Nov. 14. They will be judged by a panel of three experts with backgrounds in film, and the winning film will represent the Inland Empire when all of the city winners are shown during Filmapalooza 2021, the official 48 Hour Film Project Awards Weekend.