SBVC Launches Digital Viewbook

To better represent the diverse interests of students, San Bernardino Valley College has launched a Custom Viewbook feature on its website.

This emailed brochure creates a digital narrative for prospective students by compiling information based on their unique preferences. After completing a brief survey wizard, students are provided this comprehensive brochure featuring detailed information about academic programs of interest and social activities on campus.

The Viewbook took six months to plan, compile, design, and implement, with more than 40,000 words composing the numerous descriptions of campus programs and resources. Student Services plan to also use the program’s Recruiter App, which Outreach counselors can use on the road to provide students immediate information about SBVC.

The Viewbook will serve as an engagement tool for prospective students, who are able to enjoy perusing the many wonderful things about SBVC as they begin their college search process.

The Viewbook can be created at