Darrell Peeden, a San Bernardino Valley College alumnus, was selected to fill the vacant Trustee Area 5 seat by a unanimous vote of 4-0 at a special meeting of the Moreno Valley Unified School District Board of Education. Peeden attended San Bernardino Valley College with his twin brother, Daniel. Together, they were both members of SBVC’s football team where they played on the defensive side, which lead to a victory during the conference championship. He also ran for SBVC’s track and field team while maintaining a 3.7+ grade point average.  
In May 2013, both Peeden and his brother received their associate degrees in business administration from SBVC. Peeden continued his education at the University of California, Riverside where he earned his bachelor’s, followed by his master’s degree in Public Policy. He has dedicated the past 18 years to developing youth mentorships and empowerment programs for the Inland Empire youth. He has also served as a Board Member on the Citywide Coalition, a partnership of Moreno Valley’s non-profit organizations, as well as Sigma Beta Xi, an organization that provides mentorship and youth services for schools in the Moreno Valley area.  
All of this has contributed to what has made Peeden the best choice in helping to provide education to the children of Moreno Valley. Not only has he become an inspiration to SBVC alumni, but also current SBVC students who are embarking on a journey of a successful yet passionate career of making a difference in the local community.