President Diana Z. Rodriguez with members of her volunteer team on Magnolia Street in San Bernardino.

If you think you saw a little bit more blue than usual today, it may be due to San Bernardino Valley College’s first-ever Day of Service event. Between 10:00 a.m. and noon, over 100 volunteers — including students, faculty, staff, and administrators from the college — canvased neighborhoods in San Bernardino, Colton, Rialto, and Highland to distribute schedules and information about spring enrollment. 

The mood inside the Campus Center building was energetic as volunteers assembled for a brief meeting prior to departure. Many had never done anything like this before. Participants were reminded to dress warmly, to be respectful, and to smile as they walked around the community.

Student and employee volunteers assembled in SBVC’s Campus Center for a brief meeting prior to departure.

Volunteers were encouraged by local elected officials, including California Assemblymember-elect Eloise Reyes, college district trustee Frank Reyes, and San Bernardino council member Benito Barrios.

“I am blown away by the student and employee turnout for this event,” said President Diana Z. Rodriguez. “It’s truly touching to see so many of our students and employees with this spirit of service, this feeling that they need to spread the good word about San Bernardino Valley College.”

SBVC volunteers distributed thousands of packets of materials to residential neighborhoods in San Bernardino, Colton, Rialto, and Highland.

After handing out their entire supply of materials, all participants returned to campus for a barbecue and opportunity drawing. Students were tired but exhilarated. “This was so awesome,” said student Edgar Ramierez. “I hope to be able to participate in this again in the future. Congrats to the college.”

Student and employee volunteers from Vice President Ricky Shabazz’s team in Rialto.

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