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Navigation Aids

  • The contents of each page is split up into headings. h1 tags are used for the main title of the page, while h2 tags are the sections. While this makes the content easier to read, Opera can use the S and W keys to cycle forwards and backwards through the headings. Also, visitors using recent versions of screen readers can navigate using the following keystrokes:
    • H to cycle forwards through the headings
    • Shift + H to cycle backwards through the headings
    • any key between 1 and 6 to navigate to the next heading of that level (1 for H1, 2 for H2, etc.)
    • Shift + any key between 1 and 6 to navigate to the previous heading of that level
    • Insert + F6 to provide a list of all headings
  • All pages include a search box in the upper right part of the page. You can use it to search the site for relevant information.

Visual Design

The design of this site uses CSS for visual layout, and has been tested on IE 7+, Safari 3+, Opera 9+, and Firefox 3+. In older browsers, or browsers that don't support stylesheets, the contents of this site are still accessible and usable.

Using the "Zoom" option in your browser, you can specify your own font size, and the visual layout will resize accordingly.

Standards Compliance

This site was built using industry standards so it would be accessible and usable to as many devices and browsers as possible.