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San Bernardino Valley College's The Arrowhead now firmly established as an online source for campus news.

Check out the new online Arrowhead.

The Arrowhead News has now established itself as an online source of campus news and is written solely by students for the campus community. Stories are posted as they are written, and changing stories are quickly updated. The student staffers will have the opportunity to learn the technologies of today's journalism, learn and manage the processes of responsible reporting, and experiment with methods of modern promotion and advertising. 

This online version is the latest permutation of a college newspaper that has a long history of adapting to student needs. Beginning with the Jaycee, through the Warwhoop, and The Warrior, the Arrowhead News has changed names and formats (most recently to a newsmagazine) to meet the needs of the students, the college, and the times.

Students interested in being a part of the staff guiding the evolution of the Arrowhead News are invited to enroll in English 022 (nontransfer) or English 122, 123, or 124 (CSU and UC transferrable) which are the classes responsible for putting the publication together. And if taking the class isn't an option due to scheduling or other issues, all SBVC students are welcome to volunteer their talents as writers and photographers. Contact the faculty advisor Joel Murphy for more information.

To contact the Arrowhead News directly with questions, potential stories, or comments, you may use the link above, visit and "friend" the paper on Facebook, or email: