This department is in the division of Social Sciences, Human Development & Physical Education.

Administration of Justice

The Administration of Justice Department strives to provide our students with the legal, ethical and educational background necessary to pursue a career in a criminal justice-related field and to successfully transition into a 4- year academic program.


The Administration of Justice discipline involves the study of the theory and practice of law, law enforcement, the courts, and corrections systems. Law enforcement specializes in police activities including effective investigation and patrol services to the public. The courts specialize in responsibilities to the public through the trial system. The corrections systems specialize in the punishment and incarceration process as well as rehabilitation of the offender. Private security services explore private protection through private agencies.

Administration of Justice offers a wide range of career opportunities. Students interested in careers as peace officers should refer to the Department of Police Science in this catalog. Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution and major in Administration of Justice should consult with a counselor regarding the transfer process and lower division requirements.


Administration of Justice Certificate

The Administration of Justice certificate is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in a wide range of law enforcement services, including the courts, corrections, law enforcement, and private security.

Students working for certificates must have a basic knowledge of arithmetic, reading and writing in order to learn and work in the occupations they select.

ADJUS 101 Introduction to Administration of Justice 3
ADJUS 102 Principles and Procedures of the Justice System 3
ADJUS 103 Concepts of Criminal Law 3
ADJUS 104 Legal Aspects of Evidence 3
ADJUS 105 Community Relations 3
Six (6) units of electives chosen from the
following list:
ADJUS 106 Principles of Investigation 3
ADJUS 107 Concepts of Enforcement Services 3
ADJUS 108 Juvenile Procedures 3
CORREC 101 Introduction to Corrections 3
CORREC 102 Correctional Interviewing and Counseling 3
CORREC 103 Gangs and Corrections 3
CORREC 104 Control and Supervision in Corrections 3
CORREC 105 Legal Aspects of Corrections 3
CORREC 106 Probation and Parole 3
Total Units 21
  1. Apply knowledge and skills required in securing and maintaining employment
  2. Analyze the interrelations between the courts, law enforcement, and corrections
  3. Demonstrate the sequence of events necessary in determining admissibility or suppression of evidence
  4. Demonstrate analysis of basic legal definitions of criminal law
  5. Develop a world view that values why law enforcement is necessary in diverse populations and societies
  6. Use advanced Word Processing geatures for business applications
  7. Type 60 words per minute
  8. Use PC-based database management system

Career Opportunities


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