Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

What skills can students demonstrate by the end of your program? 

PLOs have quite a bit in common with SLOs. They represent a broader view of the skills students can develop as they move through a program, degree, or certificate. Think of them as skills your students could put on a résumé. PLOs are also linked to ILOs. We show these relationships using Program Maps.

PLOs are written and changed through the Curriculum Committee's processes. Please do not change PLOs on your own.

Program Maps

Each area with a certificate or degree is asked to complete a program map. This is a map that outlines the relationship between your SLOs and PLOs, your PLOs and ILOs, and your SLOs and ILOs. These are updated annually after a degree or certificate is updated through the Curriculum Committee. 

A complete list of program maps can be found in this folder. You may need to sign into Office 365 to open the folder. If your program map needs to be updated, please contact Bethany Tasaka.