"If San Bernardino Valley College seems to be bustling with more students lately, its because we have surpassed last year's spring headcount. There are 10,755 students enrolled in classes at SBVC for Spring 2023. This exceeds the number of Wolverines enrolled in Spring 2021 (11,055) and Spring 2022 (9,755).


"We're thrilled to welcome so many new and returning students to San Bernardino Valley College," SBVC Interim President Dr. Linda Fontanilla said. "They know that at SBVC, they will receive a quality education from knowledgeable and established professors and instructors who put their students first."


SBVC is accessible to more people than ever, with 683 online course offerings available for spring. Nearly three-quarters of all SBVC students are enrolled in at least one online class, with some logging in from as far away as Iowa.


While 60 percent of students also took classes at SBVC during the Fall 2022 semester, more than 1,000 students are enrolled now for the first time. SBVC also continues to inspire people to strive for higher education, as 57 percent are first-generation students. The most common age for students is 19, and 73 percent are attending part-time.


"SBVC faculty and staff are here to help all students succeed," Fontanilla said. "Whether it's putting together an educational plan or answering questions about financial aid, there is someone on campus who can help. We're proud to have counselors, tutors, and special services, from the Veteran's Resource Center to the Valley 360 Resource Center, to provide assistance to every member of the SBVC community."