As a co-chair of the Committee on Equity, Inclusion & Anti-Racism, Associated Student Government President Taylor DeBenedictis is making sure that student ideas, thoughts, and concerns are voiced as the campus moves to enact change. 
"At San Bernardino Valley College, the student population is minority-based and it's important that certain unique experiences are discussed," DeBenedictis says. "It's important we stay informed and do our best to create an environment for student success, and what should be at the forefront is what we're working on — talking about inclusion, anti-racism, and equity." 
DeBenedictis is on the committee's Events Planning work group, which focuses on the development of educational opportunities that get conversations started  
on inclusiveness, diversity, and equity. As the only student involved, DeBenedictis says he has learned how "to be more opinionated and to get out the student perspective."  
The faculty and staff members on the committee have been "really welcoming," he adds, and it's been "a great experience" brainstorming and working with them on new policies and procedures. 
Being ASG president and a member of the Committee on Equity, Inclusion & Anti-Racism are just some of the ways DeBenedictis, a Crestline resident who participated in the Promise Program, has been active on campus. He's also a member of the track team and involved in the Communications program, and found that at Valley College, "every single day, there were resources and specific opportunities for students. I don't know who I would be without access to those resources, every single thing I need is here — tutoring, career development, internships. If a student looks for it, they will find an opportunity." 
SBVC also helped DeBenedictis secure an internship this spring with California Gov. Gavin Newsom. It's an "exciting step" for DeBenedictis, who would like to one day enter politics and serve as a congressman. He's graduating this spring with a business administration degree, and is looking forward to transferring to a four-year university. Thanks to the opportunities granted by SBVC, he's well prepared for his future. 
At Valley, there are "unlimited resources for anyone trying to make a change," he says. "There is a good amount of faculty and people on your side, who want you to succeed. Just find one person who will connect you with the next person — there's an endless chain of opportunities."