The San Bernardino Community College Teachers Association (SBCCDTA) wants all instructors to know that if they are dealing with increased stress, burnout, or addiction, help is available.  
The latest episode of the union's podcast covers mental health awareness, and host Meridyth McLaren, president of the SBCCDTA, shares resources that are available for those in crisis. "The topic was chosen due to a survey done at Crafton that included questions about how faculty and staff were doing emotionally and physically with the remote learning," McLaren says. 
The union started its informational podcast more than a year ago, McLaren says, and they "typically choose our topics based on what is happening with negotiations, questions we are getting from faculty, or general information we think would be beneficial for faculty to know." In the future, podcasts will be taped at Valley's recording studio. The podcast is available on Anchor, Apple, iHeartRadio, and Spotify — just search "SBCCDTA."