Student Health Services (SHS) at San Bernardino Valley College launched a series of specialized support groups for students this summer. Its inaugural Socialize and Support Drop-In Group encouraged students to join a group zoom to share their “life’s tribulations” and connect with other individuals. The Student Health Services also began offering free parent to parent support group meetings, which were open to parents and caregivers of children, adolescents, and young adults. This support group is an open and welcoming group providing dialogue and peer support, allowing students to engage, experience, and explore the unique challenges of being a college student and a parent. Topics addressed include parental burnout, parenting children while being a college student, self-care for parents, “Mom guilt”, and more. The department’s Self-Care for Guardian Scholars invited all campus Guardian Scholar students to a discussion about self-care and an opportunity to engage, learn, and discover their unique relationship with self-care. The facilitated meetings addressed topics like motivation vs. laziness, healthy relationships, and time management. The last series, entitled Self-Care for Dreamer Students, created a safe place for Dreamer students to discuss handling stress, healthy eating, time management, and social support.