For the first time, San Bernardino Valley College and Crafton Hills College joined forces to ensure that students with disabilities know all of the resources available to them on both campuses. The 3rd annual Disability Awareness Fair was held virtually for the first time on Tuesday, Oct. 6, from noon to 2 p.m. The event included presentations on learning disabilities, disability and the law, assistive technology, mental health and coping with stress, and insight into the deaf and hard of hearing culture.  
Two SBVC alumni also spoke, and prizes were awarded to attendees. Everyone was welcome to participate, said Alicia Hallex, learning disabilities specialist with SBVC's Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS).  
"I believe it was very informative for faculty, staff, and students," she added. "Participants learned about different factors students with disabilities utilize to help their college experience. Students also learned about services DSPS provides. We hope that students that may have a disability or might think they do will know what resources are available to them." 
Hallex said she has always wanted to hold a joint event with Crafton Hills College because "both of our offices have a really good rapport with each other," and "this seemed like the best year to do since we are in an online environment as opposed to both on our respective campuses." 
Moving the Disability Awareness Fair online did have some benefits, Hallex said. When it is held on campus, "people are naturally drawn to events to see what is occurring," she explained, but "since we are all at home, students had more access to the event. I hope people are able to see what we have come up with this year and see the two colleges working together to promote disability awareness." 
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