SBVC Hosts First Wolverine Showcase

SBVC’s first Wolverine Showcase on October 4 brought out top talent featuring dozens of artists, performers and musicians from campus and local high schools.

The event kicked off at 11am, where students showcased their sculptures, paintings, and more in an art walk along the Campus Center Walkway. Campus clubs and organizations recruited potential members through displays and demonstrations along the same path.


Dancers, actors, choir singers, and spoken word performers from SBVC students and faculty were presented in the school’s theater. Bloomington and Aquinas High Schools also participated in this inaugural event, where students were bussed to campus to exhibit their talent.

Kevin Williams, vice president of programs for SBVC’s Associated Student Government, said there were multiple goals for the showcase. One was to incorporate as many departments and programs that wanted to spotlight their great performers. Another was getting prospective students involved with community performing and visual arts.

"[High schoolers] can get a good feel for our school, get exposed to college life, and hopefully get inspired to want to join us here on campus," Williams said. He wanted them to be excited about the campus environment and future recruitment possibilities.

The event ended on a high note with the Battle of the Bands, where official judges presided in the Greek Theatre. Participants, which included student and community bands, were competing for the grand prize of headlining the Music Department's Spring Show "Crescendo 2018." Concert attendees were able to vote on the ASG Facebook page, where local country rock band Sweet Mischief took the grand prize.

Williams said that with so many low income and disenfranchised students in the area, he feels performing arts is a great way to get them interested in higher education, and he hopes the Wolverine Showcase achieved this and more.