San Bernardino Students Promote a Healthy Lifestyle at their School

While many high school students head to fast food restaurants after school for a quick bite to eat, socialize, complete homework or relax after a busy day, two juniors at Middle College High School had the vision to provide another option for their peers so they created options on their campus.

The Healthy Lifestyle Club was founded by seniors Elmer Gutierrez and Miguel Gaucin when they were juniors. I was impressed with their first entrepreneurship so I asked why a health club. This is what they shared:

“As Middle College students, we have to balance high school classes and college classes, so this club was our solution to the high levels of stress. Our high school has a mini-gym with mainly treadmills and a couple of dumbbells. Throughout our junior year we felt much better and less stressed as we regularly worked out. One day we had an idea to create a formal club regarding health and share our ideas to anyone interested.”

The Healthy Lifestyle Club gym is open throughout the school week, allowing students to work out before and after their college classes. Their purpose is to promote better food choices, stress relief, and physical activities. The presentations on Fridays consist of personal goal setting, health food behaviors, and how to deal with stress. When they’re not presenting to their club — and I understand as many as 50 students might be in attendance — they are all outside participating in an organized physical activity. Activities change from week to week. For example, one week they had a friendly competition of volleyball and the next week, they were in the multi-purpose room doing training circuits.

They asked Diana Morales, a regular participant about the club and she stated, “The Healthy Lifestyle Club has made me feel less stressed and I have started to take care of my health now.”

After they graduate, Elmer and Miguel hope that the Healthy Lifestyle Club will continue to have the option of always having a place to go when students are stressed. They want all students to have a better understanding of the importance of health education and begin setting personal health goals.

Thanks Elmer and Miguel, for leaving your high school better than it was when you arrived.


Article from The Sun