Extended Opportunity Program Boosts Hispanic Student Success

Recent findings by SBVC’s Department of Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness indicate that the Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOP&S) program has contributed substantially towards the college’s impressive student success metrics for Hispanic student success over the last two academic years.

 Hispanic Student Success

During the 2015-16 academic year, the EOP&S program exceeded the college’s overall success rate for Hispanic students by 10% and its retention rate by 6%, making it a significant contributor to the student success data that led to SBVC’s Aspen Prize nomination last year. For the last five years, the number of Hispanic students in the EOP&S program has grown substantially, comprising 71% of the program's enrollment in 2015-16, or about 600 students. As their participation in the program has increased, so has their performance, yielding a 77% success rate and 94% retention rate at the end of 2015-16.

“This data speaks volumes about the dedication of our administrators, classified professionals and faculty,” said President Diana Rodriguez. “This would not have been possible without their commitment to student success.