Brief Overview of the Program

The Honors Program is designed for our community’s most ambitious and intellectually critical scholars seeking a deeper engagement in their college experience. Students in the San Bernardino Valley College Honors Program engage in enhanced experiences, faculty mentorships, and academic opportunities to earn an advantage in transferring to the four-year institution of their choice.

Honors courses offer greater depth and breadth coverage of subject material through project-based learning, formal research presentations, and elevated course experiences

Program Features

  • Enhanced course experience
  • Faculty mentorship with discipline experts
  • Opportunities to present research
  • Increased academic guidance from Honors Counselor
  • A community of intellectual and ambitious student

Benefits of Honors Program

  • Priority or preferred admission to UC, CSU, and colleges nation-wide
  • Enhanced opportunities for scholarships
  • Notation on the transcript of successful completion of Honors Program
  • Honors Program gold seal on diploma

Contact Information

Anthony Blacksher, Ph.D., Sociology and Honors Faculty Lead
Language Arts 212
(909) 384-8667

Botra Ra Moeung, Ed.D., Transfer and Honors Counselor
(909) 384-8658