Honors Program

The Honors Program is designed for ambitious, hard-working, and intellectually curious students who want to challenge themselves, get the most out of their education and earn an advantage in transferring to a 4-year institution. Honors courses offer enhanced critical thinking and greater depth and breadth coverage of subject material. Most courses are fully transferable to UC, CSU and many other 4-year schools, and most satisfy general education requirements (courses you’d need to take anyway to graduate).

Because completing the Honors Program confers an significant advantage in transferring (especially to UCLA, but also to other UCs, CSUs and many private 4-year institutions), any student seriously working toward transfer should consider joining the Honors Program.

Program Features:

  • Experienced, highly qualified professors
  • Enhanced course experience: opportunities to explore content area at greater depth and breadth
  • Opportunity to present research at Honors Transfer Council of California Student Research Conference at UC Irvine
  • Field trips to UCLA and other enhancement opportunities
  • Increased academic guidance from Honors Counselor
  • Interesting and ambitious Honors classmates

Benefits of Graduating from Program:

  • Priority or preferred admission to UC, CSU and private 4-year institutions (see transfer agreements)
  • Enhanced opportunities for scholarships
  • Notation on transcript of successful completion of Honors Program
  • Honors Program gold seal on diploma