Charge of the Committee:

The Online Program Committee advises the Vice President of Instruction regarding issues related to online learning at the College.  In addition, the committee assists discipline faculty in the preparation of distance education requests to the Curriculum Committee.  The committee serves as a conduit of information among faculty, administration, and students by providing a technological vision for issues related to online learning.

Mission of the Committee:

The mission of the Online Program Committee is the mission of SBVC:  "San Bernardino Valley College provides quality education and services that support a diverse community of learners."

Members of the Committee (2018--2020):

Leticia Hector (Administrative Co-Chair)

Davena Burns-Peters (Faculty Co-Chair)

Margaret Worsley (Faculty Co-Chair)

Dawn Adler

Maha Al-Husseini

Michael Assuma

Janet Courts

Lisa Henkle

Patricia Jones

Soha Sobhanian

Teri Strong

Michael Torrez

Janet Courts

J.D. Dulgeroff

Roger Sadler

Interested faculty, staff, administrators, and students are also welcome to attend the meetings.