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Spring 2015 - Priority Registration Categories

Spring 2015

Priority Registration Dates

October 15, 2014 Students can begin to check WebAdvisor for their priority registration dates.



Nov. 24th - 26th
Nov. 27th - 29th
Nov. 30th - Dec. 2nd
Dec. 3rd - 5th
Dec. 6th - 8th
Dec. 9th - 11th
Open Reg.
Dec. 12th - Jan. 11th
H.S. Deadline to submit Application Packet:  Friday, January 2, 2015

Category Description

  • Priority A - Active Military/Veterans, Foster Youth, DSP&S/EOP&S/CARE/CalWorks.
  • Priority B - Students enrolled at SBVC in Fall 2014 and who have completed 40 –99 units at SBVC, Student Athletes, Valley-Bound Commitment, International Students, STAR Program, Middle College High School Students. 
  • Priority C - Students enrolled at SBVC in Fall, 2014 and who have completed 30 – 39.9 units at SBVC. 
  • Priority D - Students enrolled at SBVC in Fall 2014 and who have completed 15 – 29.9 units at SBVC.
  • Priority E - Students enrolled at SBVC in Fall 2014 and who have completed 0 to 14.9 units at SBVC.
  • Priority F - Students who enrolled at SBVC previously but NOT in Fall 2014 who have reapplied for Spring 2015.
Open Reg
  1. All students in priorities A - F. 
  2. Students who have been on academic or progress probation for two consecutive terms. 
  3. Students who have previously earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher. 
  4. High School students who have been approved for Concurrent Enrollment. 
  5. Students who have earned 100 or more combined degree-applicable semester units within SBCCD

Students Not eligible for Priority Registration A-F:

Students who have completed 100 or more combined degree applicable units within the San Bernardino Community College District are not eligible for Priority Registration (Title 5; Section 58108 (I) (2).

The Student Success Act of 2012 requires that all students have an educational plan (SEE COUNSELING!) showing a clear path leading towards their academic and/or career goal. New students who have not completed the student success process (orientation, assessment, ed plan) will not receive priority registration.  

*You will not have access to register BEFORE your priority date. You may register on your priority date and throughout Open Registration. If you are using a Web Authorization Code you must wait until the first day of class to register online.