High School Concurrent Enrollment - 2016/2017

The San Bernardino Community College District provides opportunities for high school students who want to have an advanced academic or vocational experience while enrolled in high school.

Admission Criteria

Students who are interested in concurrent enrollment must have approval from their high school principal/designee and parents prior to filing an application and are limited to one (1) course per semester.

San Bernardino Valley College has limited capacity for concurrently enrolled high school students, and there is no guarantee that you will be accepted, even if you meet the admission criteria. SBVC also reserves the right to change or modify the admission standards for concurrently enrolled high school students.  

Dear Parents ... 

Fall 2016 Deadline Concurrent Enrollment Packet

(SPRING 17 Priority Registration Dates)

Application Due 2 weeks Prior to Start Date of Class: 
08/16/16          08/01/16


08/29/16           08/15/16
09/06/16           08/23/16
09/12/16           08/29/16
09/19/16           09/05/16
10/07/16           09/23/16
10/17/16           10/03/16
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Semester Begins:  Tuesday, August 16, 2016 (Fall 2016 start dates noted above).
(When deadline dates land on a weekend, applications will be accepted through the next business day).

Applicant must meet the following requirements prior to Application Process:

11th & 12th Grades

Those seeking academic classes that are transferable to a four-year university (courses numbered 100 or higher) must be in the 11th or 12th grade, with an academic high school GPA of 3.0 or higher, and have good grades in courses which are similar to the ones they want to take at SBVC.

9th through 12th Grades

Those seeking vocational classes (classes which prepare students for employment in a specific trade or occupation) should have a 2.0 GPA, and have good grades in classes which are similar to the ones they want to take at Valley. 

Concurrent high school students may not enroll in Basic Skills courses (Courses numbered 900 or higher), Kinesiology (aka PE) courses, or any course which is available to them in high school.


How To Apply 1 - 2 - 3

Step 1

Submit the following (Packet must be complete): 

Step 2

Complete the Online Orientation and complete the Assessment Test.  Appointments made online or in your WEBADVISOR account.

Step 3

Once approved, register for your approved class choice online in WebAdvisor during Open Registration.  

Pay all reg fees that are due the Same Day of Registration.

If your class is closed or full, try adding to the Waitlist.

If the semester begins and you're still not registered into your approved class, attend the very first class meeting to possibly obtain a Web Authorization Code from the instructor (Registration Instructions).

The San Bernardino Community College District waives Enrollment Fees for concurrently enrolled high school students who are residents of the State of California. All remaining fees must be paid the day you register for classes.

The student is responsible for the following fees:

Enrollment Fee per unit $46 per unit (WAIVED)  $0
Health & Accident Fee (Summer $15) $19   
Student Representation Fee    $1
Student Center Fee (Max $10 annually) $1 per unit
Textbooks (See Bookstore) TBD
Transportation Fee (Fall/Spring Charges Only) $7
Refunds explained at Enrollment Fee website  

To The Parents . . .

Just like you, we want your child's first experience with college to be a successful one. One of the most important factors will be your support. Toward that end, it is helpful to be aware of some of the differences between high school and college.

Attendance will not be monitored in the same way as high school. If your student doesn't attend regularly, no office will call to notify you of this.

Courses are designed for adult students, and may contain information of adult nature.

You will not have access to your child's grades or records. Please read further on FERPA policy.

Instructors are not available for parent conferences.

Your student will be welcomed at the Student Health Center where they will have access to reproductive information, contraception, and other health services.

College textbooks can be quite expensive. If you choose to purchase them any place beside the SBVC Bookstore, be sure you are purchasing the correct edition of the correct book.

While SBVC has one of the best safety records of any college in the Inland Empire, your child will be a minor in an adult environment. They should exercise caution at all times.

Your student will be responsible for all homework, papers and assignments. If they are having difficulty, they should speak with the instructor before or after class, or during the instructor's office hours.