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Application for Admission

Do I Need To Fill Out an Application?
Plan ahead!  All Applications take 24 hours to process!  All new and returning students (those who have not attended SBVC for one semester or more) need to submit an application. ***Click Here to Apply***

Applications are processed within one business day (Unless submitted on a Friday or holiday).

Application Periods 
Spring Semester: Sept. 1st - April 30th 
Summer Semester: Feb. 1st - July 31st 
Fall Semester: April 1st - Nov. 30th 

* If you are a Concurrently Enrolled High School Student Please be aware of your application process and deadlines to apply.

*If you are an International Student please be aware of your application process.

How To Apply:
- All applications are now online! No fee for submitting an application. 

what to do next - Admissions & Records will process your application and you will receive two follow-up emails to your personal email (Check Junk Mailbox also). Be sure to read both emails as they will contain your permanent Student Identification Number (SID), your SBVC Student Email address, and information on

- Your SBVC application must be on file before you can register for classes. 

- Admission is open to anyone who: 

• Holds a high school diploma or equivalent; 
• Is 18 years old or older; and/or 
• Is enrolled in high school and wishes to attend SBVC concurrently as a part-time student. Important Note: Students who remain continuously enrolled in a class for Spring or Fall DO NOT need to submit a new application. However, ALL High School Students must submit a completed Approval Form prior to each semester of enrollment. If a student is not registered for a semester, a new application is required.