Online Writing Center

Writing Center Online Tutoring Instructions:

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Online tutoring will be available beginning Tuesday, August 22 for the 2017 fall semester

Online Tutoring is a FREE writing tutoring service that is offered to San Bernardino Valley College students of all disciplines in 100 level courses and above

Keep in mind that Online Tutoring is NOT a proofreading service, but a tool to help you improve as a writer through comments, suggestions and guidance.

The Online Tutoring service is intended for students who already have strong grammar skills but need assistance with organization of ideas and development of their papersIf the tutor finds that your paper has a consistent pattern of errors, you will be referred to use the on-campus Writing Center services. 

Online Tutoring requires a computer with Internet access.  The steps below make Online Tutoring a fairly simple process.  Before using the online tutoring service, familiarize yourself with the following guidelines and instructions.  

Step 1: Write your draft that you want to submit for online tutoring:

  • Type your paper as you normally would by using a word processing program.  Microsoft Word and Open Office are the recommended programs to use since they have fewer problems with compatibility.
  • When your paper is complete, make sure to run Spell Check!
  • Click on Save As and save your document as a .doc or .rtf file and close your document. (Be sure to remember where you saved your document.)                                                                               
    • Note: If a tutor receives a paper that the tutor cannot open, you will receive an email requesting to resubmit it in a compatible format. 

Step 2: Make an Online Tutoring Reservation

  • Access the following link:
  • Select:  Online  
  • Follow the instructions on the webpage to make an online tutoring reservation.
    • Note:  Papers will be reviewed in the order in which reservations are made.

Step 3: Send your draft:

  • Log-in to your San Bernardino Valley College student e-mail account.                             
    • Note: The Online Tutoring service may not be compatible with some e-mail service providers, such as MSN.
  • Click on New or Compose
  • Mail to address:
  • In the Subject Line, type in your Full Name, Class Name and Section Number, as well as your school I.D. Number.

        (For example: John Doe, English 101-01, 1957272)

  • Move your cursor and click on the message box and type in the assignment that your paper is on and any information that you feel is important for the tutor to know, such as what the assignment is, what the teacher wants you to focus on, or what the teacher wants to see in the paper.                          
    • Note: In order to best assist your writing needs, be as complete as possible in providing the tutor with information about your assignment or specific aspects of the paper that your instructor wants you to address.  We request that you DO NOT merely ask for the tutor to proofread your paper.  If your instructions for the tutor are not clear, you may be requested to provide more information before your paper is reviewed
  • Next, send your paper as an attachment.
  • Finally, click Send.
  • The tutor’s response will come as a reply to your e-mail and will have the Sender Name, “Online Writing Tutor”

Step 4: Tutor response:

  • Read the tutor’s response and follow the suggestions and/or comments accordingly.                    
    • Note: If you do not see a response to your submission in your Inbox, check your Spam or Junk Mail folder.

Turn-Around-Time: Online Tutoring is conducted on a first come first served basis.  Therefore, manage your time accordingly in order to get your paper back with enough time to make any needed revisions.  Each paper will be given approximately 30 minutes of tutoring assistance per submission. Your paper will be read when the tutor is in session from Tuesday through Thursday, with the exception of official college holidays.  You MUST first make an online-tutoring appointment before submitting your paperIf your paper is submitted after 4:00 P.M. on Thursday, you may not receive your paper back until the following week.  Although most papers are returned within 24 hours of submission, please allow up to 48 hours to receive your paper.  If the situation arises in which you do not receive a reply after 48 hours, please resubmit your paper again.  Note:  Papers submitted without a tutoring reservation may not be reviewed.

Appointment Verification: Please keep in mind that if your instructor wants you to submit a Verification Slip to verify your tutoring session, you may print out your e-mail response given by your tutor as a verification slip.