(This page is under construction; hence, this service is not yet available.  Updates will be posted in the near future.)

We understand that sometimes you just need a little assistance to get you going with your assignment. Feel free to use this service if you have a quick question that you would like to ask one of the Writing Center tutors. If you need your paper to be reviewed or if you need a verification slip/email for your tutoring session, feel free to use our IN PERSON or ONLINE tutoring services.

Note:  Verification emails are not available with the "Ask a Tutor a Question" Service.

Instructions for Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) Students:

For students who need an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter, please contact the college's Services for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing to arrange for an interpreter to be present during your "Ask a Tutor a Question" session.

  • Contact Laurie Sullivan (Interpreting Services Specialist) before your session with a tutor in order to ensure that an ASL interpreter is available to assist you.

The contact information to request an interpreter is as follows:

Email: sbvcDHH@valleycollege.edu
(Note:  Remember to include all assignment details)

For questions, email Ms. Sullivan at:  LSullivan@valleycollege.edu

  1. First check the "Ask a Tutor a Question" tutor schedule listed below.
  2. Next to the day and time of availability, click on the student verification link entitled Enter.
  3. After entering your name and Student ID, you will be provided with a Zoom link that you can click to enter a waiting room.

Please note that this service is on a first come, first served basis; however, our tutors will assist you once they have finished assisting other students in our queue.  If you have waited for several minutes and have not been assisted, please try again at a later time or check the tutor availability schedule listed below to see if a tutor is available.

Tutor Availability for the "Ask a Tutor a Question" Service:

Please keep in mind that an online tutor will only be available during the times and days listed below.

Tutors are not available on official school holidays/closures.

Days Times            Student Verification Link
Monday TBA ENTER (Not yet available)
Tuesday TBA ENTER (Not yet available)
Wednesday TBA ENTER (Not yet available)
Thursday TBA ENTER (Not yet available)