Cross Enrollment Program

Policies and Procedures for Cross Enrollment


Undergraduate students enrolled at San Bernardino Valley College may enroll at CSU or UC campus without formal admissions and without payment of additional state university fees in a maximum of one course per academic term at a campus of either the CSU or UC system on a space available basis at the discretion of the appropriate campus authorities on both campuses. Enrollment in pre-collegiate courses are excluded.


A student is qualified to cross enrollment if he/she has met all of the following requirements:
• Completed at least one term at San Bernardino Valley College as a matriculated student
• Earned a grade point average of 2.0 (grade of "C") for work completed
• Enroll for a minimum of six units for the current term
• Paid appropriate fees at San Bernardino Valley College for the current term
• Completed appropriate academic preparation as determined by host campus


1. Approval for cross enrollment is valid for only the one term specified and subject to space availability.
2. Students will not be charged additional course enrollment fees. However, host campuses may charge a $10.00 or more for administration fee each term.
3. Students will have to pay any additional fee required of other students such as lab materials, computer, breakage, transcripts, etc.
4. Students are encourage to see a counselor at SBVC campus as well as their host campus to ensure course meets their educational goal and transfer requirements.
5. Evidence of completion of course pre-requisite may be required at time of enrollment (unofficial student transcripts).
6. Financial Aid is available only through San Bernardino Valley College. Students eligible for Veteran, Rehabilitation, Social Security, and other federal, state or county benefits must secure eligibility certification thorough San Bernardino Valley College.
7. Records of credit earned through cross enrollment are maintained by the host campus. Students may request transcripts be sent to San Bernardino Valley College.
8. Health Services on host campus are limited to treatment for emergencies.
9. Because of overlapping academic calendars, cross enrollment is possible only in certain combination.

SBVC Enrollment

Host Campus (CSU or UC Enrollment

Fall Semester

Fall Quarter or Semester

Spring Semester

Either Winter or Spring Quarter or Spring Semester

Summer Term

Summer Quarter

10. Participation in student activities or use of the student union at the host campus is subject to limitations set by the host campus.
11. Parking on the host campus will be available on the basis of a term fee within campus parking availability or on a daily fee basis.
12. Information concerning host campus identification card policies will be provided at registration.
13. Students are subject to all administrative procedures of the host campus.

NOTE: Students must process an official drop at the host campus or risk having an unsatisfactory grade recorded on their permanent record.