Eligibility and Application Information

Applications Are Available In The STAR Program Office - AD/SS 201


  • Applicant Requirements 

    • Must Be Enrolled in 9 Units or More at San Bernardino Valley College          
    • Working on an Associate’s Degree or Certificate and Have An Interest In Transferring To A Four-Year University                                            
    • Meet One of The Following:
      • First Generation College Student, or Low Income, or Physical or Learning Disability
    • US Citizen (Copy of Driver’s License, Social Security Card, or Birth Certificate) or Resident (Alien Registration Card/Green Card (I-551, I-68 or I-94)
    • Enrolled in English, Math or An SBVC Course With Extensive Paper Writing Requirements (The First Semester In The STAR Program Only)  
    • Must be English 914 Eligible (Enrolled in, Completed, or Tested into English 914 or Higher)   
    • Must Have a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 or Above and  No More Than One Grade of D or F on Transcript During The Two Semesters Prior to Application Submission Period         
    • Demonstrate an Academic Need for Tutoring and/or an Ability To Benefit From Program Services (Students Must Work To Complete SBVC Educational Goals In A One to Three Year Period.)
    • Due to program completion and tracking guidelines, some SBVC Degree and Certificate Programs May Not Qualify (See STAR Program office for all application details and restrictions.)  
    • Applicants that have already earned an Associates degree, Bachelor’s degree or higher, do not qualify. (Students waiting for degree posting to appear on SBVC transcripts are ineligible.)
    • Applicants with More Than 60 Units Must Submit, With the Application, An SBVC Educational Goal Plan Showing Degree or Certificate Completion and/or Transfer Completion within 12 units and Two Semesters.
    • Students with a major/course of study, that require more than 3 years/six semesters to complete, may not qualify.
    • 70 Unit Maximum – Applicants with more than 70 units cannot be accepted into program.
    • If Accepted Student Must Attend a 60 Minute Orientation. Students Will Be Asked to Provide Valid Social Security Number Prior To Starting Program. Priority Registration is Earned After Successfully Completing First Semester with STAR.                                                                                                                      
  • Documents Needed When Submitting An Application                                                                                     
    • A Spring 2015 San Bernardino Valley College Class Schedule Is Required
    • Proof Of Financial Status Is Required.  You May Bring In Any One Of The-Following:
      • Current 2014 Signed Income Tax Return or Tax Transcript (Copy)
      • Notice of BOG B Award For 2014 - 2015 (Copy)
      • Notice of Pell Grant Award For 2014-2015 (Copy)


    • A Copy Of Your Assessment Test Scores Is Required. (If you have not taken any SBVC assessment test then this does not apply to you.)
    • A Copy of Your One semester or Full Educational Goal Plan stating SBVC major. (If you already have one.)