A.I.P. Academic Intervention Program

Program Designed for STAR Students Who Want To Increase Their GPA.

It is the goal of the STAR Program to monitor the academic progress of all our students.  One of the programs goals is to help our students to be academically successful and maintain a strong grade point average, 2.3 and above on a 4.0 scale.

The Academic Intervention Program (A.I.P.) is designed to help students overcome academic challenges.  This program is the first step in ensuring students meet the mandatory 2.3 Minimum GPA requirement for all STAR Program participants.  All incoming STAR Program participants and continuing students with a  GPA below a 2.3 will be automatically entered into the Academic Intervention Program, and a plan will be set in place to empower students on their academic journey. 

The Academic Intervention Program Provides:

*Academic Strategies To Empower Students and Increase Academic Success 

*Tutorial Assistance in English, Math, and Paper Writing 

*Academic Counseling

* Workshops