GOOD SLEEP * REAL FOOD * CLEAN HANDSRegistered Nurses (RN) are available every day we are open without an appointment. RN services are free. RNs can help you with a variety of things. See Below:

First Aid

Screening for Blood pressure, Blood sugar, percent body fat, BMI, waist size, temperature, pulse, and breathing pattern

Evaluate an illness and make recommendations. These may be for home self-care, care by a provider within Student Health Servicces, or referral to a higher level of care.

Advise you regarding immunizations and provide immunizations at your request. There is a fee for immunizations.

Answer questions about a variety of health issues including unusual symptoms, sexually transmitted diseases, injury care and recovery, healthy weight/diet/sleep/illness prevention, stress, and so on.

Provide over the counter medication to get you through the day if you have a headache, stomach ache, allergy symptoms, congestion, or other symptom making it difficult to focus on class.