Nurse Practitioners (NP) are available by appointment and as drop in when openings are available.Call 384-4495 for appointment. NP services are free. NPs can provide you with physician type services including presctiptions when needed.

General health check ups and assessments

Men's health including evaluation of sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening, physical examination, review of immunizations,  general screening for healthy weight, sleep, diet,exercises, cancer risk, and so on.

Women's health including evaluation of sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening, physical examination, PAP smears, breast examination, review of immunizations, urinary tract infections, general screening for healthy weight, sleep, diet, exercise, cancer risk, and so on.

Physical for entry into special programs such as nursing and psychiatric technician or requiring a special form are avialable for a fee of $25.00.

Orders for lab work or prescription medication as needed.

Referrals for assessments and treatments beyond the scope of care at Student Health Services.