FYI: Answers to questions frequently asked and general information about local resources are listed below.

Visits to student health services (SHS) are FREE. We do not bill insurance.

There are minimal fees  for lab work, immunizations, TB tests. Physicals requiring completion of a standardized form are $25.

We offer immunizations including MMR, Tdap, Hepatitis B, and flu vaccine at our cost. No appointment  necessary. Drop in for an immunization consultation with the College Nurse.

TB tests are on a  walkin basis. You must be able to have it read  in 24-48 hours after placement. (Therefore no tests  thursdays, or fridays before a 3 day weekend)  We have a great resource for those who need a chest X-ray (they give a Valley discount.)

We offer free mental health and crisis intervention oriented counseling. We are licensed to listen.

For mental health crisis such as suicidal thoughts call 1 (888) 743-1478, the crisis and referral hotline. 211 is the social service hot-line for the County.

Ongoing care for chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, hypothyroidism, and similar conditions is NOT provided by SHS. We have referrals to the county or local "fee for service" clinics that you can utilize for chronic health care if you are without insurance or a primary care physician.

Back sore and painful? We can help! Drag it in and we will apply ice or heat, and teach you exercises that may provide relief.

Headache, Runny nose, Cramps, Indigetstion? Having trouble getting through the day? Come see us for some over the counter medication to get you through. No cost or appointment necessary.

Ladies- Tampons and Pads are available for 25 cents each.

We do NOT prescibe pain medication or viagra.

We do NOT do sports physicals (not allowed under Title V). We have referrals to some local providers who do them for a reasonable fee.

Emergency Contraception is available without an appointment. (price subject to change)

Community reproductive health, pregnancy prevention, or STI treatment resources include Family Pact at or SB county public health at or Call (800) 255-6560.

General referrals for almost anything (health, housing, food, or mental health to name a few)  CALL "211"; a community service help line with access to hundreds of services in our area of SB county.

We provide eye screening but no eye exams or glasses. Wal-Mart offers low cost eye exams and glasses.

Discount prescription cards are available for you. We use the most cost effective methods available.