Alternate Media requires and ensures that instructional material and other instructional resources are accessible and usable by persons with disabilities. At the High Tech Center, Alternative Media is produced for students with print and learning disabilities.

High Tech Center (HTC) produces the following accessible formats:

  • Audio
  • Braille
  • Tactile Graphics
  • Large Print
  • Electronic text

Guidelines for Alternate Media Service


Student Responsibilities

To provide efficient alternate media service, we seek your cooperation in communication and advance notice. It is important to adhere to this guide to prevent delay in receiving alternate media materials.

Arrangements for Alternate Media (steps 1 — 8)

Step 1 - Use priority registration to sign up for classes

As an enrolled student in DSPS you may use priority registration to have your course schedule in advance and notify the Alternate Media/Assistive Technology Specialist of your alternate media needs. Don't miss this important opportunity to inform us about your requests.

Step 2 - Check online San Bernardino Book Store  for texts required.

Contact the Book Store or course instructor as soon as you are enrolled in the course to find out what books and/or academic materials are required.

Step 3 - Check textbook availability in alternate media.

Check to see if the textbook or instructional material is available in an alternative format from Bookshare,   and the National Library of Congress.

Step 4 - Provide verification of book purchase

Provide verification of purchase to the Alternate Media/Assistive Technology Specialist. Your purchase of the text book allows us to request permission to produce alternate forms from publishers.

Step 5 - Request for Alternate Media

Submit books request with proof of purchase. Provide accurate and complete information for each request including class handouts. A late, inaccurate, or incomplete request may delay your materials to be converted. Time of completion of Alternate Media will depend on the amount of information needed to be transcribed.

Step 6 - Submit syllabus

This will help HTC prioritize the order process in which it creates the alternate media.

Step 7 - Copyright

You may be required to sign a copyright letter that satisfies the publisher's legal requirements.

Step 8 - Fast service advantage

For faster service, student must turn in books to be scanned. Visit the HTC for more information.


To promote better service, keep in mind the following:

  • Keep your contact information up-to-date. We can call you when to pick up your materials.
  • Notify the Alternate Media/Assistive Technology Specialist of any changes in your reading requirements, or course enrollment status.
  • Promptly inform Alternate Media/Assistive Technology Specialist of any problems with the Alternate Media. We will make every effort to resolve the problem.
  • A minimum of 2 to 8 weeks is required to process your request.
  • Loans of any equipment should be returned to Alternate Media/Assistive Technology Specialist once the final exams of each semester has ended.