Testing Acomodations

DSPS Testing Accommodations Services

Testing accommodations include but are not limited to:

  • extended time to complete the exam
  • distraction reduced environment
  • reader or assistive reading software
  • scribe or assistive voice input software
  • enlarge print, CCTV, or assistive technology magnification software
  • other supportive services not available in the classroom.

Testing accommodations are provided to students who have a disability that prevent them from taking course examinations/quizzes in the classroom setting.


San Bernardino Valley College

DSPS Test Accommodations Policy

1. If you are eligible for testing accommodations, then indicate your eligibility to your professor by showing him/her your copy of your Recommendations for Academic Support and Accommodations (RASA) form.

2. Your requests for testing accommodations must be made in writing by completing and then submitting either a Multiple Testing Accommodations Request(M-TAR) form or a Testing Accommodations Request (TAR) form. Completed M-TARs and TARs should be submitted to the DSPS Office (AD 105) by the student only. M-TARs and TARs cannot be submitted by instructors or by proxy. You may not request testing accommodations by phone.

3. If the syllabus of the course for which you are requesting testing accommodations has all of the future tests and quizzes listed on it, then you are strongly encouraged to complete and submit an M-TAR at the beginning of the semester.

4. Schedule exams on the dates indicated on your syllabus at the same time that the course normally meets, except for evening and Saturday courses. If you are enrolled in an evening or Saturday course, then you must schedule your quiz/exam during our regular business hours.

5. If you want to schedule a quiz/test on a day that is different from the day that it is scheduled to be taken in class, then your professor must approve your request in advance in writing. Advise your instructor to inform DSPS of his/her approval by emailing DSPS at dspstest@valleycollege.edu.

6. If your instructor plans to change the date/time of any quiz/exam, then advise your instructor to inform DSPS of the change by emailing DSPS at dspstest@valleycollege.edu.

7. DSPS reserves the right to re-schedule a quiz/exam if there is inadequate space or staff at the initially scheduled quiz/exam time.

8. You must complete M-TARs and TARs at least one (1) week before the first quiz/test listed on the M-TAR or TAR is scheduled. For final exams, you must complete M-TARs and TARs at least two (2) weeks before the day of your final exam. The final exam schedule is posted online as well as in the schedule of classes.

9.  You are responsible to ensure that you schedule your testing appointments at a time that will allow you to utilize your full, extended time and finish in one setting. If you schedule your test too late in the day, which will prevent you from utilized your full extended time, then acknowledge that you are waiving the right to full extended time.

10. You are responsible for providing your own pencil and/or pen.

11. All personal belongings including cell phones, backpacks, purses, notebooks, etc. must be stored in the secure area provided by DSPS. Only materials that are authorized as accommodations or by your professor will be allowed in the testing room. If you areallowed to utilize any supplemental materials (e.g., scantron, scratch paper, index card, notes, etc.) for your quiz/exam, then you are required to present them to test proctor prior to the start of your quiz/test.

12. You may not make or receive any phone calls while taking a quiz/exam, except in the case of an emergency. Any emergency calls will be handled by DSPS staff. Please make sure that your family has the DSPS main number so that you can be reached in the event of an emergency.

13. If you are late for your quiz/exam, then the time missed will be deducted from your allotted time. If you are one (1) hour late for your exam, then your exam will be returned to your professor. If you want to re-schedule the missed exam, then DSPS will only do so only if contacted by your professor and advised to do so.

14. If you leave the testing room for a bathroom break, then you must inform the test proctor that you will be stepping out of the testing room. Please be aware that your time will NOT be stopped if breaks are not an accommodation for which you are eligible.

15. If breaks are an accommodation for which you are eligible, then the clock will be stopped while you are on a break. You are allowed 2 breaks per hour and a maximum of 10 minutes per break.

16. If the test proctor notices any suspicious activity, then you understand that DSPS staff may report this to your instructor.

17. If you are found to be cheating on a quiz/exam, then DSPS will report you to your instructor. Examples of cheating include, but are not limited to: a) copying another student’s work, b)allowing another student to copy your work, c)Using a textbook, course handouts, notes, or taped information without your professor’s permission. Stealing, buying, or obtaining all or part of a quiz/exam before or after it is administered. Failing to follow test taking procedures including talking during the quiz/test, ignoring quiz/test start and stop times, or engaging in other disruptive activity.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this DSPS Test Accommodations Policy, please contact Marty Milligan, DSPS Director by email at mmilliga@valleycollege.edu or by phone at 909/384-8949.